How to keep your loyalty card on your smartphone

Option 1: Download the MyRewardCard App

(Android and iOS)

Get the "MyRewardCard" app from the Google Play store, or Apple's App Store.

Get it on the app Store

When you add your card, you will be asked for a code for your loyalty scheme.
Your code is bestislocal.

Next, enter your email address and PIN to sign in.

Option 2: Save your card to your Home Screen

Instead of using the MyRewardCard app, you can save your loyalty card on your home screen. All you have to do is:

  1. Make sure you are reading this on your smartphone

  2. Click on the blue button below, and then save the new page to your home screen.

Option 3: Simply save this QR code as an image on your phone

Take a copy of this image and keep it safe.

(Hint: press and hold on the barcode image below to bring up the save options.)

You can then use the saved image as your Best is Local Ltd loyalty card.