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Book Directly 100 Day New Era Programme, including the Corona Cash Boost Workshop (valued at $99) for free!

The next step asks for your payment details. Why is this?

The 100 day New Era for Direct Booking programme is designed to help you take the first steps towards growing your direct bookings.

The Programme is free for 100 days, while we show you how to take advantage of the BookDirectly Club and the tools we provide.

As a bonus we launch right into Yvonne Halling's "Corona Cash Boost Workshop" to make sure you get some immediate benefit from working with us.

You will not be charged anything during your first 100 days.

"This is such a timely and important tool. Looking forward to collaborating with local business to reward my guests for booking direct" - Debbie (Wales)

You will receive a notification before your first subscription payment is taken after 100 days. However if you wish to cancel, then just get in touch and we will arrange for the subscription to be cancelled.

Low Recovery Pricing

Otherwise, if you are happy to proceed, then after 100 days we will charge a small monthly subscription of £5 GBP (+vat in the EU) and will keep this low price for a few months while the industry recovers. We will not return to our pre-coronavirus regular pricing until things have picked up for you, and will give you plenty of notice before doing so.